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 Ayurveda is an ancient science approximately 5000 years old science which guides about how to live a life- Ayu means life and Veda means the knowledge- a science of life. It emphasis on the healthy life style to keep yourself  healthy not only physically but from emotionally, mentally and spiritually also. Ayurveda based on ‘ Prevention is Better Than Cure’ and it guides about how to live a life to keep yourself away from the diseases. It believes that body is made up of five natural  elementsPrithvi ( Earth), Jal ( Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu ( Air), Aakash (Space). According to these panchmahabhut properties the body is categorised as Kapha, Vata and Pitta for the better understanding of the body functioning. This helps to understand the Prakruti of a person and how to maintain the health of that person.

  • Prithvi mahabhuta symbolizes the solid structures in the body like bones, teeth and cells in the body. Its characteristic is stability as like bone give the stability and structure to our body

  • Jala or water mahabhut symbolizes the fluids in the body like lymph, blood, urine and all kind of body fluids. Our body is made up of 80% of water or Jal and it’s a major component in our body which is essential for the normal physiological functioning of the body

  • Tejas or fire mahabhut is responsible for the agni and is related to digestive system. It provides energy for the body to do the various functions. It is counted as the most important component in the well functioning of the body. Modern science is also based on that if your digestion is good then you will get good nutritions from the healthy diet and your body functioning will be on right track.

  • Aakash or space is symbolizes the space in the body through which various fluids or signals are transformed for the proper coordinated functioning of the body

  • Vayu or air, a gaseous form is dynamic and responsible for various body movements like various joint movements, breathing, trnsmission of nerve impulses etc

These are the basic properties of the life and present everywhere. A single cell of the human body contains all these five elements in it- the earth forms the basic structure of the cell, the Jala mahabhut forms the cytoplasm of the cell, the metabolic function of the cell is governed by the agni mahabhut, the aakash mahabut governs the space inside the cell and the transformation of nutrients and waste is governed by the vayu mahabhut. It is applicable throughout the life and when there is imbalance or dissociated function of these elements then our body is prone to various diseases.


It is a two root words in Sanskrit, Garbha means the fetus inside the mother’s womb and the Sanskar means the education or training. It is also known as ‘Prenatal Education’. The developing fetus inside a mother’s womb is a functional body with a soul and mind. The baby has his/her own nature to understand the surrounding through all his own senses. The mother’s lifestyle has a great impact on the development of the fetus. The various examples mentioned in ancient books like Abhimanyu- Subhadra, Bhakta Prahalad- Hiranyakashipu are the live examples of that the baby has its own senses and is completely attached with the mother’s senses in the mother’s womb itself.

Ayurveda emphasis on the’ Supraja-janan’, it means the healthy generation or giving birth to the healthy babies. To have the well developed, healthy baby, ‘Garbhasanskar’ technique is mentioned in the Ayurveda. The basic concept of it is that if both mother and father are healthy then they are able to give birth to healthy baby. It is a beautiful and wide concept. Ayurveda believes that the developing fetus is not only a fleshy mass or body but it’s a highly responsive, developing human body which is capable to receive, understand and respond the external stimuli. The developing fetus is greatly influenced by the maternal conditions also. As per Ayurveda the pregnancy or conception should be a mindful decision instead of  conception by chance. It will be helpful to have the healthy mother and healthy baby.

It is  also scientifically proven that the baby is highly responsive in the uterus and can acquire the external stimulation. The baby is very sensitive to maternal behavior, her physical and emotional condition. If the mother is positive, active, following nutritional diet and physically fit then the baby will be very active and healthy with less chances of complications during pregnancy,delivery and after birth. While if mother is stressed, physically less active and has poor nutrition then this will directly affect the health of the baby with more chances of maternal and fetal complications.

In earlier days lots of families were  joint families with physical and emotional support from the elderly family members. All the responsibilities were delegated as per the efficiency of the that family member. Most of the ladies were looking after the kitchen and the children. The older ladies of the family were guiding them about the pregnancy, the physical changes, the coping techniques, the diet, physical movements during pregnancy, the traditional rituals to please the mother, the common prayers- holy rituals all these were the inseparable things of their life and this information was inherited to the next generation through communication. But nowadays most of the families are nuclear families with no or minimal support of the elderly family members. Most of the times it becomes difficult to the parents especially first time parents to understand the changes during pregnancy, what are dos and don’ts during pregnancy, what to eat or what not, how a father can help the mother- revealing all these information is nothing but the Garbhasanskar or Prenatal education.

The cornerstones of the Garbhasanskar are-

  • Information about the development of the baby in the mother’s womb and what a mother needs to do for the healthy growth of the baby

  •  Nutrition or healthy eating habits

  • Prenatal yoga

  • Prayers and music

  •  Breathing

  • Meditation and relaxation

    In Kashyap samhita, it is mentioned about how the development of the baby occurs week by week and the effect of the maternal behavior, her mental, physical condition affects the growth of the baby. It is advised that mother should read inspirational or mythological stories to boost her mental power. This controlled feeling is also passed to the baby. For example Jijamata, the mother of the great Maratha warrior and the great Emperor was used to read the inspirational stories from Ramayana- Mahabharata and the other mythological books and was taking actively part in judging the people, honoring their honesty- the best result of that was the birth of the such a Great ruler and warrior- The great Shivaji Maharajah. His stories of ruling methods, administrative power and warrior nature are still inspirational.

    Garbhasanskar considers all the aspects of developing and ongoing changes of both mother and the baby. The modern science also has the research and evidence based information which proves that there is great impact of these elements on the developing baby and on the maternal health. That’s why Garbhasanskar or Prenatal Education is now becoming popular throughout the world.


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