It is  an interactive session with your doctor & through this your consultant will guide you accordingly to have healthy baby in your hand

It includes......

  • Height and weight to calculate BMI to have desired weight for conception
  • Blood pressure to check any abnormality
  • Medical history whether you have any medical treatment for any particular disease. If yes then what are the medications? They check whether these are safe medications for pregnancy or not. The doctors then alter them accordingly to avoid any harmful effect on pregnancy
  • Abdominal & pelvic examination to rule out any abnormality
  • Rubella screening- It is important to have vaccine. As Rubella  causes abortions or congenital birth defects in baby
  • Varicella screening to assess any chances of future abnormalities
  • Depression screening as its medication are harmful for the baby & also if mother is not prepared for pregnancy then the outcome is usually affected.
  • Blood tests  like Urine analysis, complete blood count, sugar, blood group &  tests for -STDS