Pregnancy is a life changing phase of every woman’s life. This is the period when the well being of an individual is directly dependent on the well being of the other. Whatever actions a mother is taking, the baby shows the reactions to that actions. Yoga is such an activity which helps the mother to stay fit not only physically but from mentally, emotionally  and spiritually also. That fitness level of the mother ultimately improves the fitness level of the baby also.

Yoga is an ancient science of fitness which keeps the body aligned with mind, soul and emotions. It increases the awareness about the body changes along with the emotional changes and gives way to maintain the balance between them. Pregnancy is that period during which there are lot ongoing changes- physically and emotionally due to the pregnancy hormones- estrogen, progesterone. Yoga helps to strengthen the muscle, relieves tension of the muscles, maintain the flexibility of the muscles, improves the digestion, improves the mood swings and the sleep.

Margo Bachman an Ayurveda and  Prenatal yoga expert explains the influence of ayurveda and prenatal yoga on a pregnant mother very beautifully. she elaborates that yoga along with some daily rituals helps a lot. It increases the Satvik feeling or bhavana (emotions) in a mother. According to Ayurveda Sattva is one of the three Gunas or virtues. Sattva increases the positive sense of well being, the state of balanced emotions- a clear, pure and divine feeling and that sense is ultimately passes to the baby in the womb. The yoga poses are modified according to each trimester so that they give the flexibility, strength to the muscles and stabilizes the body- breath and mind of the mother. The whole yoga practice includes-

  • Gentle, controlled stretching movements of the body or asanas

  • Breathing exercises

  • Meditation and relaxation

  • Music

Without these cornerstones the yoga is incomplete. Each of them has its own unique benefits. The Asanas or poses helps to increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles. It relieves the tension in the muscles and gives sense of well being, active plus motivational. Asanas  give power to your body and mind that yes, I can do it!

According to yoga breath is a Pran-  a life. Breath and minds are strongly connected with each other. Through pranayama we can revitalize the cells of the body and through meditation and relaxation we can control our thoughts- bring the calmness and tranquility which is essential throughout pregnancy and during birthing process of the baby.

 The baby starts listening from 24 weeks of gestation and is able to recognize the voice of the mother. Music plays an important part in developing the listening power in the baby and it is the foundation for the language development. Music also helps to calm down both mother and baby.

Prenatal yoga can be started after completion of first trimester by the advice of the treating doctor. The different yoga poses are modified according to the gestational age and they are helpful in various ways.



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