Dr Manjiri Deshpande

Birth is normal, natural and life changing event of a woman’s life.

When the woman is empowered with education and knowledge about the birth and related things along with emotional and physical support then the birth can be gentle, less painful, powerful and beautiful.

Education is the process by which an individual is encouraged and armed to develop his or her own potential.

Dr. Manjiri, founder and chief editor of " PREGNANCY GLORY" blog  is a  follower of benefits of education and believes that the education about the prenatal care, labor, birth and post-delivery period helps a woman and her family to be confident and positive towards motherhood or parenthood. The purpose behind this blog is to give the scientific information about the conception, care during pregnancy, support during pregnancy, new born care, breastfeeding and other related topics.

She is passionate about the miracle of birth and feels that every birth is unique.

Her passion towards the birth and strong desire to create awareness about the childbirth and early parenthood in more scientific way, drove her to make her career as a trained CHILDBIRTH and LACTATION EDUCATOR from CAPPA, USA.

For her getting the feedback from the mothers and families about the positive and beautiful experience of motherhood through her education is an incredible achievement.

 She thrives on sharing her knowledge and understanding of birth and the new-born, breastfeeding and immediate bonding with new born as mother, father and a whole family.

She believes in self-motivation and trusts her inner wisdom and strength. 

A compassionate approach, empathetic listening and understanding the need of the client has a positive impact on the outcome. 

Professional skills:- 
She has 6 years of clinical experience in Gynecology and Obstetrics.  She is taking efforts to make the families aware about the importance of pre-conception fitness, nutritional diet, exercise and the counselling for the desired outcome that is healthy baby- healthy mother- healthy family. Her empathetic listening power and communication skill creates a strong bond of connect with the clients.

Through various workshops & counselling sessions she is helping them to explore the positive aspects of the whole journey.

Mission:- To educate and motivate families to embrace parenthood with confidence. 

Vision:- To facilitate empowerment, connection and self-advocacy in families from pre-conception to early parenthood.